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Today's advanced vehicles with on-board high-voltage energy enable new capabilities for export power:
   - Emergency relief when the grid is disrupted
   - Routine work remote from grid access
   - Convenience to replace diesel gensets or long wired connections

Inventev is developing the commercial-grade subsystems to convert hybrid, all-electric and fuel cell stored energy into usable export power.




Site Power

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Tropical Storm
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Our Story

Inventev was founded by the former HUMMER CTO exploring truck electrification in 2010/2011 while battery costs were still very high and the industry was just scratching the surface on electrification.  Subsequently, a definite shift has occurred with future propulsion strategies to take advantage of efficiencies and performance that electrification offers.  Since its founding Inventev has been laser focused on complementing industry truck platforms with features valued by job-site oriented fleets including EV driving, idle avoidance, backup power generation and extended emergency 24/7 operation.

Our Vision

Inventev's vision is to supplement electrified truck portfolio offerings with an all-new feature of commercial exportable power.  To date the limited examples of using trucks as mobile power plants or generators have been limited to lower-power retail/residential uses.  Inventev's focus is on commercial-grade power capabilities for fleets.   We will develop and commercialize the hardware subsystems for OEMs to incorporate into their most-advanced electrified truck  architectures.

Our EV Technologies

Inventev's technology is rooted in a key concept in the automotive industry to integrate functionality for lower costs, added features and increased reliability. 


Export Power

Inventev is commercializing export power functionality for electrified municipal and utility trucks.  Hybrid, battery-electric or fuel cell architectures with high-voltage DC energy storage enable conversion to usable AC power for grid loss  resiliency, temporary micro-grids or remote locations.

PHEV Propulsion

By creating an integrated propulsion module (or PHEV transmission) devices such as motors can be combined and  controlled differently to add functions and yield more system performance from smaller devices; AND fewer connection points means better reliability.    


440 Burroughs, Ste 661

Detroit, MI 48202

Tel: 248-340-3063

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