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Our ZEV+E    Technology for Job-Site Work Trucks
(Zero Emission Vehicle + Emergency duty)


  • Use for Storm outage response or remote operations needs

  • Gas engine provides extended hours & emergency operation

  • Utility-grade Export Power

  • 75kw 120V/240V single phase

  • Mobile backup to stationary gen sets

  • Electrically driven hydraulics (e.g. aerial devices) enable idle-free operation at job sites

  • Industry-standard hydraulic power take off (PTO) interface 

  • Plug-in grid charging and option to keep charged while-driving...bring stored energy to job site

  • Electric drive with range/hours extension (PHEV) for 24/7 emergency duty

  • High torque electric motors (+ gasoline engine only when needed) replace 
    expensive diesels without compromising performance

  • Motors plus engine selected for peak power needs; else can drive as full EV

  • Regenerative braking

Truck5 (Inventev concept truck graphic_o

inventev Propulsion System

Inventev's exclusive patented and integrated propulsion unit allows all-electric drive for 30-50 miles plus range extension; includes regenerative braking and power boost from engine when needed.

Mobile Power Generation

Architecture supports high capacity
power generation and export to local
facilities for temporary work use or
power outage response.

OEM Base Engine

Standard gasoline engine for range extension combined with motors can exceed diesel power output for peak loads and save up-front capital and
maintenance costs. Diesel integration is a potential for unique needs.

Integrated Electric PTO (option)

Use of industry-standard Power Take-Off
and hydraulic pumps but driven
by electric motors off battery power
without the need to idle at job site.

Li-Ion Battery Pack

Battery pack and battery management system from established industry sources; right-sized for key fleet duty cycles.


Generate Electric

2 patents

Work Electric

Drive Electric

Inventev's Multi-mode Plug-in Hybrid ZEV+E   Job-Site Work Truck 




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