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Our History

Our History

Founder and CEO Dave Stenson formed Inventev in Michigan in 2011 as an advanced vehicle electrification company.  In parallel, an advisory services company was founded, which has now been integrated under the Inventev Experts banner. 


From the beginning, Inventev’s electrification focus has been on medium duty fleet commercial vehicles.  These fragmented segments are often not prioritized by incumbent OEMs due to their unique customer needs and corresponding value propositions.

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In 2015, Inventev was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy/ARPA-E grant and Michigan MATCH energy grant to explore our vision of a multi-mode advanced commercial truck transmission that not only drives electric but can work at idle-free at job sites and generate power in emergencies as part of a 24/7 resiliency plan for private or public fleet customers. In 2016, we were awarded our first U.S. patent surrounding this technology, which was bolstered in 2020 with our second patent award.

In 2022 Inventev was awarded a $1 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration to develop export power standards from electrified transit buses to buildings.  This capability may support uses such as to power emergency shelters after grid loss due to weather events or other unplanned  outages.

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Throughout our history Inventev has also had the opportunity to participate in a number of accelerator programs, investor forums and industry/media events.  


In 2013 Inventev was a national Cleantech Open accelerator participant and a “Top 10 Most Promising” Rice Cleantech Alliance awardee. 


In 2011 and 2015 we presented at the NREL Industry Growth Forum in Denver. 


In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023 we were an Automobili-D startup exhibitor at the North America International Auto Show. 

Inventev has also been invited to collaborate in Washington DC in a climate action White House briefing (2016), The Hill hosted new energy panel (2016),  presentations to the U.S. Secretary of Energy (2016) and Capitol Hill legislative agenda meetings through Clean Energy Business Network (2020).

Michigan Business

Inventev's ZEV+E    technology is focused on bringing electrification to the transportation sector. Our technology can be used to not only power a vehicle, but create power off the vehicle as well


Inventev, PG&E and Altec Collaboration

An introductory video of the collaboration between Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Altec Industries and Inventev in mobile power generation, idle reduction and plug-in hybrid drive technologies.

A Separate Advisory Practice Rooted in Deep Detroit Experience


Our advisory work has a mix of:

  • Traditional program execution assistance with launch and operations support

  • Due diligence and transition support for M&A and strategic investments

  • Innovation development and advanced technology assessments

  • Start-up support


Inventev differentiates itself in the breadth and depth of functional coverage among our advisors with an average industry experience of over 33 years.   Our advisers are a mix of independent professionals, senior leaders in large companies and start-ups covering automotive and other manufacturing industries including aerospace and defense.

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